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10 Google Free Courses


  1. Applied Data Science with Python
    Become a Data Scientist with this awesome program.

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
    Learn how to use the internet to grow your business or career.

  1. Google Analytics 4 Certification
    Learn how to use Google Analytics 4, the best web analytics tool, to grow your online business.

  1. Google Advanced Analytics

  1. Google Ads Display Certification
    Learn how to use Google Display features, optimize your campaigns, and measure your results.

  1. Google Project Management Professional Certificate

  1. Get started with Google Maps Platform
    Learn how to use Google Maps Platform to create interactive web maps and manage your projects in the Google Cloud Console.

  1. Getting started with Flutter Development
    Learn the skills to create visually appealing desktop, mobile, and web applications using Flutter, all built from a single codebase.

  1. Introduction to SQL
    Discover the fundamentals of utilizing SQL for extracting and controlling data within a relational database.

  1. Generative AI [Mega Course]
    Learn everything you need to know about generative AI products and technologies in this comprehensive course.